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Welcome to Techno Tink

Welcome to Techno Tink

Welcome to the Techno Tink network – Techno Tink Adventures; Techno Tink Media, Design & Research Services, and Techno Tink Apothecary and Treasures. We’re working on our content here at to provide you with the site maps, connections, development, and adventures that Techno Tink LLC is known for. Visit our main network sites linked above or our home page for an extensive list of our sites. is the front door to our network.

Who are we? Welcome to Techno Tink – a roving network of wanderlust artisans, adventurers, engineers, scientists, and explorers. Physically, we’ve got our headquarters on the Washington state / British Columbia border – serving like-minded-individuals throughout the world. As we are infected by wanderlust, the entire planet is our front and back yard. We believe that travel and Adventure is the best school of all. Join us in our adventure!

Digitally, we’ve also recently teamed up with as our chosen webhost provider as well as A2hosting and Hostinger for our other sites. We’ve recently left Bluehost in the dust because of their recent unprofessional conduct in 2023 with bombarding their customers with advertising, limiting a number of sites a customer can have, and increasing rates without notice. So far we’re very happy with, A2Hosting, and Hostinger. No longer investing our content in one basket! Diversify! We have our in-house team of designers and developers at Techno Tink Media handling support, maintenance, and development of our network. Look forward to our establishment of community networking, social media, and travel tales forthcoming!

Our Techno Tink Adventures, Media, and Treasures extend beyond just, we’re also at,, and have some pet projects such as our holy well and springs research project:, Our entertainment and history piece: and our former Folklore, folkways, and studies group: In addition, we’ve started up a Magic Studio, a Photography resource, and Face/Bodypainting services for your entertainment.

If you’re interested in our found, you can learn more about Thomas Baurley here:

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